You’ll never forget your first taste of our unique FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef. Because we start by hand selecting only premium cattle to graze happily in open, lush green Australian pastures. Then, we pack our beef fresh in Australia for your safety and send it straight to you. All of this to ensure your piece of mind, your health and your dining pleasure. We know people who taste FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef will love it forever.

















OUR beef

FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef is the culmination of quality Australian beef cattle farming to the highest standards in the pursuit of producing some of the finest tasting beef in the world. Our unique and innovative farming processes, with an emphasis on sustainability and animal welfare, represent the next generation of Australian beef production resulting in some of the best Australian beef. 

FIRST CUT cattle enjoy a diet of premium, sweet temperate grasses. The lush green pastures lend FIRST CUT beef the full body flavour that distinguishes Australian Beef and results in an eating experience that is full, rich and incredibly tender.

Eating the best  

The wellbeing of the cattle that produce FIRST CUT beef is paramount. Our yards are modelled on the designs of world recognised animal welfare expert Temple Grandin. This ensures cattle enjoy a natural, well-managed and stress-free environment to be raised in. Allowing our cattle space has a posititve impact on their wellbeing and the quality of the beef makes it well worth the extra investment.



When producing FIRST CUT beef, we believe responsible farming starts with the environment. Our farming processes meet tight animal welfare standards while protecting the pristine Australian countryside. 

To provide customers with peace of mind, all FIRST CUT cattle are fully traceable via an advanced tagging and monitoring system that can track the product all the way from the Australian paddock to your plate.


When producing FIRST CUT beef we have a commitment to excellence and uncompromising quality, with animal welfare standards which do not stop at the farm. These standards are upheld to the end by processor, BINDAREE BEEF. All cattle are inspected by Australian Government vets to ensure animals are healthy before being processed to one of the strictest food safety and quality assurance systems in the world. This guarantees consistent product quality and integrity.


BINDAREE BEEF is the only processing plant in Australia that packs our exclusive FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef in tamper proof packaging. 


After processing and packing, FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef is then delivered from BINDAREE BEEF in Inverell, NSW Australia to you.


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our difference

FIRST CUT beef has been packed under one of the strictest food safety laws in the world for the health and safety of all our consumers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Beef is good source of protein, iron and zinc, making it nutritious meal for people all over the world. FIRST CUT pure natural Australian beef provides a unique bundle of nine essential nutrients including: 

  • Iron

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin B12

  • Omega-3s

  • Protein

  • B group vitamins (niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6) and phosphorus

Some other interesting facts about beef are: 

  • Beef is one of the best dietary sources of iron and zinc

  • It is easily absorbed by the body

  • Without enough iron you may feel tired, irritable or experience a lack concentration – that’s why beef is recommended three to four times a week to help meet our iron needs

  • With less than 4% saturated fat, beef trimmed of visible fat has the Australian Heart Foundation’s 'Tick of Approval'


People who taste FIRST CUT pure free range Australian beef will never go back. It is a big claim yes, but it’s the truth and it all comes down to FIRST CUT’s taste and flavour. FIRST CUT beef products are raised on fresh, open Australian pastures and will be some of the best and freshest beef you will ever try.



OUR cuts


The range of FIRST CUT Australian beef is designed to meet all meal requirements. With steak cuts ready to be grilled to larger chunks that can be prepared for everything from stir fries to slow cooks. Regardless of what you are after, the one thing you can be certain of is the outstanding flavour of FIRST CUT Australian beef.


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